100 scholarship sites

Top 100 scholarship companies/sites

Links to scholarship information for students

Gone are the times when  getting a scholarship was easy. Currently, getting  a scholarship is by chance. Most sites that pretend to offer scholarships are scams.  Although enough effort has been made to ensure that  we have provided the most genuine scholarship sites do not rush into giving your bank details.


Always take your time to scrutinize each site before you apply for any scholarship. Legitimate companies will not pressure you to apply for their scholarships.

Be cautious of this messages; “You must apply ‘now’

In case of any problem or scam detection, file your Complaint immediately to

IC3.. http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

You can also inform us if you detect any of our listed site to be a scam.


  1. Scholarship.com
  2. Scholarshipamerica.org
  3. scholarshipexperts.com
  4. gmsp.org
  5. uncf.org
  6. artandwriting.org
  7. schoolsoup.com
  8. meritaid.com
  9. nationalmerit.org
  10. jason.edu.au
  11. scholarships360.org
  12. cappex.com/scholarships/
  13. guaranteed-scholarships.com
  14. usscholarshipguide.org
  15. scvan-fonden.dk
  16. cemf.ca
  17. naas.org
  18. hertzfoundation.org
  19. schoolscholarships.org
  20. siemens-foundation.org/en/
  21. scholarships.berkeley.edu
  22. findtuition.com
  23. atfoundation.org
  24. truman.gov
  25. scholarship-page.com
  26. pdsoros.org
  27. canadianscholarshipfund.co.uk
  28. wsas.co.za
  29. grantsscholarshipsandmore.org
  30. phdfriend.com
  31. scholarsnapp.org
  32. sfstl.org
  33. scholarshipworkshop.com
  34. angelfire.com/mt2/foundation/
  35. brokescholar.com
  36. scholarshipmonkey.com
  37. fulbright.state.gov
  38. financialaid.ucdavis.edu/scholarships/Apply.html
  39. mlynch.org
  40. takitani.org
  41. universitygrantguide.com
  42. drewrylukescholar.tripod.com
  43. uwyo.edu/armyrotc/
  44. scholarshiplottery.org
  45. twoten.org/what-we-do/scholarships.aspx
  46. familiesoffreedom.org
  47. moritzlaw.osu.edu/financialaid/scholarships/moritz_merit.php
  48. careerfitter.com/scholarship/
  49. actuaryjobs.com/scholar.html
  50.  imagine-america.org/scholarship/index.asp
  51. sfmic.com/foundation/
  52. finishingthedream.webs.com
  53. 4thefuture.4t.com
  54. barrientosscholarship.org
  55. chen-paileememorialscholarship.com
  56. cincinnatischolarshipfoundation.org
  57. clarenceschockfoundation.org
  58. collegefreenetwork.com
  59. mellinger.org
  60. gwiep.net
  61. houtan.org
  62. internationalscholarships.info
  63. jjmsf.org
  64. leagueofmexicanamericanwomen.org
  65. learnforlifenepal.com
  66. milliondollarscholar.com
  67. momenifoundation.org
  68. moromorofund.org
  69. paulfroncischolarship.org
  70. randomscholarshipsonline.com
  71. shumakerelays.com
  72. sachsfoundation.org
  73. wheelchairsuccessfoundation.org
  74. scholarshipcoach.com
  75. stmfoundation.org
  76. taf-boston.org
  77. threesistersscholarshipfoundation.org
  78. marine-scholars.org
  79. vectorscholarships.com
  80. wmmiaec.org
  81.  wtfscholarships.com
  82. the-yma.com
  83. theypgroup.com
  84. claricode.com/scholarship/
You can also read  How to win a scholarship to study abroad while in campus

Kenyayote does not have the ability to detect all scams; it is your responsibility to safeguard your information.

Do you  know any genuine scholarship company that we have not included? Let us know in the comment section and we will included  it  after evaluation.

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