How to Write and Sell Your First eBook Part 2

In the previous article we looked at how you can begin to write your eBook, as well as where you would source your material from. This article will go into further detail by looking at how to create your eBook and where to sell it.

How to Write and Sell Your First eBook Part 2

How to Write and Sell Your First eBook Part 2/Photo


Despite you having the freedom when it comes to what you write about, there are generally niches that tend to sell better than others. For example, eBooks that sell well include those in the health and fitness, finance and self-help category. Despite these niches being very popular, the competition also tends to be stiffer.

Before writing anything, you may want to research on your competition. Look at top selling books and look for what it is that makes them stand out. Also look for what may be wrong with the book, such as outdated information or inaccurate facts.

Design it

Use a format that is compatible with whichever platform you choose to publish your book on. PDF and mobi are popular formats.

If you possess some editing skills then it should be easy for you to design your book cover, if not, you can ask someone from Fiverr to design one for you at a fee.

Where to Sell It

Now that you finally have your eBook, the next step is where to publish and sell it. The number one site you want to sell your eBook is on Amazon. There are literally thousands of eBooks sold on the site daily. Expect 35% to 70% of commission on your sales.

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You can also sell it on which is a free site belonging to Barnes and Noble.

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