How to write a job application education verification cover letter and sample

Have you ever applied for a job and wondered why you didn’t get it even after a very successful interview? Was it because there were other applicants with more experienced than you? Or maybe it was not just your lucky day? You might have wondered what exactly made you not to get the job because you believe that you did everything right.


Well maybe it’s the little things like attaching an education verification cover letter to your CV that made you miss on the job.


What is a job education verification cover letter and how is it different from the normal job application cover letter?


The function of normal job application cover letter is to introduce you to the company or organization you wish to work for, to show your interest to the vacancy and direct the reader to your CV to hopefully influence them to interview you.


A job application education verification cover letter on the other hand is a letter that verifies your completion of education from an institution to the reader of your CV. The letter is meant to confirm that you indeed went through the institution and successfully completed your studies.


The letter may also be used in instances like when one is applying for a job and they are yet to graduate. The institution therefore through the education verification letter confirms that one is or was indeed a student of the institution and they are yet to graduate.


At times, an employer who wishes to confirm the education details of an applicant to a certain vacancy may also request for confirmation of their education from an institution through a job application education verification cover letter.


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NOTE: We will share a  job application education verification cover letter here and how to write one. This post is only sharing on what a job application education verification cover letter is.

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