What is a ‘company dismissal letter” and what is it meant for? You have been working for your dream organization  and have been used to a certain  way of running things. Everything  seems okay, at least  for you, then out of nowhere  you receive a company  dismissal  letter, also known as a letter of termination of contract. You are baffled and can’t  explain  what it really means. Here is what you really need to understand  about it;



A dismissal letter or a termination  of contract letter is written by the organization  to their employee with an aim of letting them know that they have been released  of all their daily duties and that their  relationship  with the said organization  will be null and void starting the date indicated  on the letter. Therefore  as a result, the employee will not be able to conduct any business /transaction  on behalf  of the organization.


The dismissal  of contract  letter normally  comes as a last resort  after all other disciplinary  measures  have failed and  should be able to clearly  explain  to the employee the reason  behind their dismissal. All necessary employee friendly  legal procedures  should be followed to avoid unfair termination  which could  lead to a court battle. As such, it’s  important  for an employee to know their rights and be fully aware of what to expect on case of a termination.

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NOTE: We will share a sample company dismissal letter here and how to write one. This post is only sharing on what a company dismissal letter is.

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