What is “an apology letter” and what is meant for? Sometimes it’s not enough to say sorry especially when it comes to hefty issues surrounding  a formal setting. One maybe required to draft an apology letter to clearly  indicate their regret  towards their behavior  on a given issue that caused harm to specific individual(s). As such, a letter of apology can simply  be explained  as a written document sent by the offender to the offended with an intention to seek pardon  on their unacceptable  behavior. It is also referred  to as a letter of pardon.


The letter  therefore should  clearly  contain one’s feelings  explained  in words as to why they behaved the way they did giving credible  reasons  as to why they should be forgiven. One should be remorseful  and take full responsibility  for their actions. The tone used should  be that of regret assuring  the offended that there shall be no repeat of the mistake.


Sometimes  letters of apology  can be kept for future reference  in organizations in case the offender repeats the same mistake hence requiring the adoption  of a different  disciplinary  measure. Hence, one should be always conscious whenever they have written one letter of apology because there might never be another chance to explain/apologize the other round.

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NOTE: We will share a sample apology letter here and how to write one. This post is only sharing on what an apology letter is.

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