Where and how to end up doing a Degree course with C and below (C-, D+, D…)

Guide on how to end up doing a degree course if you got a C and below (C-, D+, D..)



The University of Nairobi and other universities do offer courses referred to us foundation courses. If you did not attain the minimum university entry grade which is a C+ plus and above then below is how to go about.


Identify the course that you want to do. You can visit our edulist where we have listed all courses offered in all universities in Kenya. We advise that you visit this page with a laptop or computer. If you don’t have one you might be forced to go to the nearest Cyber.


After identifying the course, check which university offers a diploma of the course you have selected. All these courses are listed in our edulist course page. Apply for the diploma (APPLY HERE).



Most universities will require diploma applicants to have KCSE Grade C with at least C- in Mathematics and English OR KCE Div II OR Credit pass in any relevant certificate with at least KCSE Grade C-in Mathematics and English OR KCE Div III with atleast Credit in Mathematics and English. However, these requirements differ. You will need to check our edulist for specific course requirements as advised.

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It will take you a maximum of 18 months or 2 years to complete the diploma. 2 yrs is such a short period.

After completing the diploma apply for a degree course related to the course you did. After being admitted you will take three years to complete the degree. In total (Diploma+degree) you will have taken 5 years to complete your degree. That is an additional one year from the normal four years most degree courses take to complete.


If you scored a D+, your case might be different. You might be forced to start from a  Vocational training, obtain certificate, then diploma and finally Degree. It won’t take much of your years as you think.


As much as education won’t guarantee you success in life, it is vital to bed educated in this era.

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