What is c.betrad.com? Is it a virus or phishing scam? (Answered)

Hello Elvis, Kindly help me understand what c.betrad.com is. It keeps popping up in my antivirus as phishing scam.

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A number of  people using bitdefender have reported that they have received a warning of a phishing attempt from c.betrad.com.  Others say, a pop normally appears from bitdefender when using Chrome which sometimes is difficult to delete.

What is c.Betrad.com?

edward kozek betrad founder

Edward Kozek Evidon founder

Betrad is a short form of Better adverting . It was founded by Edward Kozek. Betrad.com domain is managed by Evidon Inc which rebranded to Ghostery.  Some of the commonly used sub domains of Betrad include;

  • c.betrad.com-Most popular. Used for loading images and Scripts
  • ibetrad.com-It is used for loading tracking pixels
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Can c.betrad.com cause harm to my PC?


c.betrad.com is a good thing and causes no harm to your PC. It Is used to load assets or scripts while taking care of ad privacy controls. If you have visited a website using adsense you may notice c.betrad.com loading.


Currently, hardly will “AdChoice” load without betrad. It is for your benefit.

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