Making appearances in public fora while in various stages of intoxication seems to be the latest fad since the president set the precedent. Media personality Ciku Muiruri shocked many when she showed up for NTV’s PressPass while visibly inebriated.


Moderator Ken Mijungu had a hard time reigning her as she slurred on her speech and shouted wherever he tried to intervene or offer direction. Muiruri and other panelists were debating on the media’s partisanship (or lack of it) in reporting political trends in this tense political season.

Nonetheless, Ciku strayed from the theme of the night and went ballistic on NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga. Ciku was agitated that Raila showed solidarity with hate mongers after he led his brigade to Pangani Police station where Moses Kuria and Johnson Muthama were being held.

Angry viewers took to social media to express their ire as they questioned NTV on why they allowed a visibly drunk Ciku to take part in the debate. Others took the opportunity to assassinate Ciku’s character by unearthing her questionable encounter with the controversial Artur brothers. Ciku was seen having fun with the two in an investigative piece aired at the time.

Controversial social justice blogger Cyprian Nyakundi did not hold his guns back as he tweeted, “Ciku Muiruri, who once opened her legs for Artur Merceneries in exchange for cocaine should pick one struggle. Railaphobia or whoring #PressPass.” However, some ladies interpreted Nyakundi’s tweet for misogynism and went ahead to attack him over the same.

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Here are reactions from other Twitter users:

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