With many employers posting job openings on digital platforms, there is need for job seekers to work extra hard in order to stand out. Linkedin is one of such platforms that offers fair ground for both parties. Job seekers should therefore make use of that space by being vigilant of every engagement they take part in, as that would either make/destroy their anticipated careers. When using linkedin to attract potential employers;

How to use linkedin to secure that dream job, growing your career in kenya
How to use linkedin to secure that dream job, growing your career in Kenya/Photo

Create an impressive profile

Choose an appropriate profile picture; the formal the better. Clearly state your qualifications and
contact details. Remember to include awards and projects where necessary. If you are a fresh
graduate, include that impressive final year project. While at it, create a unique introductory
statement that would give potential employers a glimpse of what you have to offer. At linkedin
your profile is your C.V.

Join discussions and post often

Join suggested community groups. These are groups related to your area of specialization. You
will be able to learn from the PROS in your sector hence sharpening your way of thinking.Take
part in constructive discussions and work towards leaving impressive comments.Whatever you
post should be of relevance.

Follow companies of interest

Follow the companies that you would like to be part of. Most organizations post job openings on
their social media accounts before heading to other job related websites. Hence you will be among
the first individuals to know when there is a vacancy.

Connect with the right people

Scrutinize each connection request you receive. Of which importance will it be to you? Do not
connect to people for the sake of numbers but rather look at the bigger picture. Do they pose as
potential employers or someone you can partner with? Remember these are the people you will
be connecting with on a regular basis.They will be the ones reading your posts hence should be in
line with your ambitions.

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