Get to know about the new energy-saving smart cooker in town, Umeme Cooker. Brought to you by the Kenya Power and lightening company (KPLC).


Umeme Cooker electromagnetic
Umeme Cooker that uses electromagnetic/photo

Umeme Cooker is the new technology driven smart cooker in town that will help you save on energy consumption and ultimately cost.

Apart from  consuming less energy, the umeme cooker also cooks three times faster than the normal cooker.

The Umeme smart cooker comes at ksh. 8,000 and is available for purchase at Kenya Power offices in Nairobi. After purchasing the Umeme cooker you will also receive three stainless steel Sufurias (We are not sure whether this offer of Sufurias will last forever).


Advantages of the Umeme Cooker

  • It is as Small as your laptop so it is easy to move around (Portable)
  • saves energy
  • Cooks faster
  • You can’t burn while using it because it only produces energy when it is in contact with metals.
  • The Umeme Cooker comes with several energy control buttons. If you want to cook rice, just click at the rice button, there is also the milk button, water button e.t.c There are also power control button
umeme smart cooker
Umeme Smart Cooker that use electromagnetic and saves energy/Photo


Disadvantages of Umeme Smart Cooker

  • One of the disadvantages of this  cooker is that it is selective. It can only work with stainless steel and iron sufurias only.


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