Ultra X-Pression braids are an exquisite variation of braids in Kenya. They are not only trendy, but also affordable making them popular among their wearers. The braids are highly marketable across women of all age groups but most particularly among young fun loving working class women. They are readily available at beauty shops country wide as well as local supermarkets. And take a short time to fix and style as compared to twist and box braids.

Ultra X-Presssion braids in Kenya, How to style, price and best for
Ultra X-Presssion braids in Kenya, How to style, price and best for/Photo by Darling Kenya



Just like other specialized type of braids, the wearers need the services of a credible stylist to help then pull off an awesome and long lasting look. This is based on the fact that the braids can be worn for quiet a longer period as compared to the Ultra Hi Yaki braids if well taken care of. For that perfect stye,there are plenty of options to select from to suit all occasions. From formal wear to informal functions, the list is inexhaustible.


For that neat chicy office look, the braids can be held into a pony tail or braided together into a simple but elegant Mohawk. One can also decide to hold them at the center with hair band. If you love colours, then this is the time to invest in different colours of hair bands. For outdoor occasions such as weddings and other forms of parties, the braids can be left loose to hang beautifully to the shoulders or sideways and even center parted. And then sprayed with a braids spray for that shiny hair view. Whichever style you select, you can never go wrong with Ultra X-Pression braids.

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