Types of small businesses in Kenya that are booming

There are certain businesses in Kenya which are cheap to invest in but they really pay. They not only have high demand but they are also easy to maintain and they’re the surest ways to keep your wallet/purse bulging.



You just need a room, machine, power supply and other entities worth not more than 3K. If you get 15 clients charging @50, that’s 750/= daily and yet that’s on the bare minimum scale.


Cyber cafe

All you need is a room, printer, desktop computer and power supply; for starters. With time you’ll purchase a router for internet connection. Before you realize it, your league will be surely advancing.


Movie shop


People need movies but most of us don’t have the time to choose and download the best movies and series from the numerous collections on the internet.


You can charge only Kshs.30 to transfer a single movie into a flash disk and Kshs.50 when on CD.

In weeks’ time, your amount profits will be incredible!


Selling fruits

This entails buying fruits on wholesale then selling them on retail, especially after peeling and packaging them nicely. I personally find the sight of fruits pudding really tempting.

You can never imagine how much profit you’ll get from this business. In fact, a single day’s sale will return your capital; leaving you to enjoy profits for the rest of the business.



Simple math, get a motorbike worth 100K, if you ride it yourself you’ll make a minimum of 1000/= daily. Tell me how much you’ll have in three months’ time.



You only need to locate a strategic, centrally-positioned place; then do your best to your clients. You’ll get long-term clients in turn. Needless to mention, the biz pays like no one’s business.



Hijack your brain for ten minutes or so and think of what you can grow; maize, coffee, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, too many to name.

Aim to grow for sales’ purposes. After two seasons, don’t be surprised if you have plantations. You must however be serious with the shamba work in order to achieve this.

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Be not deceived by my title’s name; the businesses may seem small in the sight of your eyes but wait till you begin earning from them; your pocket will truly testify how big the businesses above are, in real sense.

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