Teachers service commission(TSC) has devolved it disciplinary division  to counties. The decentralization came on effect on 2nd May 2017.

TSC CEO Nancy Macharia moves to deal with teacher indiscipline
TSC CEO Nancy Macharia moves to deal with teacher indiscipline/photo

What does this means?


This means that teachers discipline cases will now be handled at the county level only  by Field officers as opposed in the past where the county directors and headquarters had to be involved before a final decision is arrived at.

To compliment field offices will be school board of management acting as agents  of TSC, who have also been bestowed with powers interdict insubordinate teachers.
Before then, only County Directors and TSC Headquarters could interdict  or punish teachers found to have violated TSC laws.

The move is meant to fasten the process of dealing with cases of  teacher insubordination.

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