Top best fashion bloggers and what is trending on their blogs


Rising up to become a reputable fashion blogger in Kenya is not easy. The fashion industry is too competitive and only a few of the thousands of fashion bloggers in Kenya are known. But if you manage make it to the list of the top, your life will never be the same.

How does one get into the list of the top fashion bloggers in Kenya?


There is no standard written formula that says do this or that to become the best fashion blogger. But being featured in top blogs like we are doing here will contribute a lot to your rising up.


Below is a list of the top 5 campus fashion bloggers in Kenya

  1. Stellah Charles

    Fashion blogger Stellah Charles
    Fashion blogger Stellah Charles

Stellah Charles is perhaps the best female fashion student blogger in Kenya. She is a student at TUM. We’ve a feature story we did about her in our fashion girl of the week segment here. Catch up with here latest fashion updates in her blog

2. Caroline Kibati

Fashion blogger Caroline Kibati
Fashion blogger Caroline Kibati

Caroline Kibati comes second in our list. Am not sure whether Caroline is done with her studies but the last time we heard about her she was a DBIM student at Strathmore University. She is a girl of brains and beauty. Catch up with her latest fashion trends at . You might also be interested to read a story we featured about Caroline Kibati here

3. Rheeyah GlorKenya fashion bloggers list

Rheeyah Glor is is a Law student and a lifestyle blogger. Catch up with the latest trends in fashion in her blog

4. Grace Mumbi Gichuki

Fashion blogger Grace Mumbi Gichuki
Fashion blogger Grace Mumbi Gichuki

Grace Mumbi Gichuki  recently graduated from Kenyatta University so she still qualifies to be in this list. . Catch up with the latest trends in fashion with here blog

5. Ms Kaela

Fashion blogger Ms Kaela
Fashion blogger Ms Kaela

Ms Kaela  recently graduated from moi university. This lady is doing an amazing job. She is rising fast. She has been featured in various media programmes. She blogs about the latest fashion trends at


Blogging is becoming a vital factor in brand recognition these days. If you want people to recognize what you are doing for the end result of financial gain then you must talk and write about it. To accomplish this you must have your personal hosted blog (You can read here How to open and run your blog).


NOTE: All the above photos are owned by the respective names attributed to them and linked to their blogs. To contact any of the above fashionistas follow the link at the end of the description of the respective fashion blogger..


To let us know about your fashion blog so that next time we won’t miss out checking it drop your link in the comment section below or just whatsapp elvis +254720680341 followed with name fashion blogger.

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