Top 100 most interesting websites and blogs in Kenya to visit in 2018

Welcome to the 2018 updated top 100 most interesting websites and blogs in Kenya that you should visit each day. The grading criterion is unique to Kenyayote. In our rankings, we do not take so much interest in the alexa rankings but we consider factors like how a website or blog is designed, and the content of the website or blog. If we could go by alexa ranking then many of the websites found in the list below could not be there.

Putting together this list of top 100 best blogs and websites in Kenya has not been easy but it has been a lot of fun waking up every day reading the content of each website that made it to the list. Every day I do come across a website with interesting content and appealing design, I save it in my Pocket Account. I have been doing this for the last 12 months to come up with the list of the top 100 blogs in Kenya. There are best blogs in Kenya that you would have wished to be included but the list cannot go past 100.

If you find any website or blog that you don’t like in the list of top 100 interesting websites in Kenya because of its dreary articles then am sorry, but I am not in a position to read every articles found in each website in Kenya. Finally, as you continue reading the list of this top 100 blogs in Kenya don’t forget to check this amazing book on how to make money online in Kenya through blogging available in this page.

The list of top 100 most interesting websites in Kenya has been categorized into;

 Top 10 Best favorited websites and blogs in Kenya

These are websites are that highly visited by Kenyans and offer content of great value to the visitors.

  1. Techweez-Is Kenya’s best tech news blog. If you want to  know what is trending in tech this is the blog to read. Techmoran is an option of techweez.
  2.  Ghafla-Best Entertainment news website in Kenya
  3. BrighterMonday-The best job directory website in Kenya with a very nice looking design
  4.  Jumia-the best and biggest online shopping blog in Kenya. Kilimall is an option of Jumia.
  5. Magicalkenya-If you need any information about tourist destination in Kenya then this is the best website to visit in Kenya.
  6. Bikozulu-Website with captivating stories
  7. mumsvillage-If you want to learn about parenting in Kenya, the mumsvillage is the best website to visit
  8. Eatout-With this website,you will get to know of the best foods and  restaurants in Kenya
  9. Futaa-This is the best sports news website in Kenya
  10. OLX-It is the best classified website in Kenya

 Top Best news websites and blogs in Kenya

These are websites that contain the most reliable news in Kenya.

11. Daily Nation

12. Standard Media

13. Capitalfm

14. Thestar

15. jambonews

16. News24

17. Tuko

18. Citizentv

 Top Best Educational websites and blogs in Kenya

These are blogs to find education updates in Kenya.

19. Educationnews

20. Kuccpp

21. Kenyaplex

22. Kenyayote

23. kenyaschoolreport

24. CapitalCampus

25. Commission for University education (cue)

Top Best classified websites and blogs in Kenya

26. OLX- It is Kenya’s biggest classifieds website. This is the best blog to find any product that you need in kenya

You can also read  Top 20 agricultural websites in Kenya and best farming blogs

27. Cheki-Cheki is kenya’s best and largest website that sells vehicles and vehicle products

28. n-soko classifieds-It is a company of the Daily Nation

29. Pigiame classifieds-among the oldest classified websites in kenya

30. Knightfrank-realestate

Top 10 Best entertainment and gossip websites and blogs in Kenya

31. Daily post

32. Ghafla

33. Niaje

34. Nairobiexposed

35. Nairobi Wire

36. Buzzkenya

37. 254digital

38. Mwakilishi

39. Bikozulu

40. Kenyacelebtities

41. Hapakenya

42 Kahawatungu

43. Msupa

Top Best Technology websites and blogs in Kenya


45. Techmoran

46. Techweez


58. kenyaprice

59. Kachwany

50. tech-kish

Top Best shopping and real estate websites and blogs in Kenya

51. Jumia

52. Kilimall

52. masoko

53. hairstopandshop- Best blog to buy hair products online in Kenya

54. – Best blog to buy clothes online in Kenya

55. – best website to shop for various products online in kenya

56. – This is where you can buy bata shoes online in kenya

57. – Best Blog to buy fresh fruits online in Kenya

58. Knightfrank-Real estate webiste

Top Best making money online websites and blogs in Kenya

59. Freelancer kenya-Offers tips on how to make a living online in Kenya

60. Likechapaa-One of the oldest and best online money making website in Kenya

61. Investmentkenya-If you are looking for investment opportunities in Kenya then this is the best website to visit.

62. Makemoney kenya

63. Firstandfastcapitall

64. Kenyamoneyonline

65. workonlinekenya

66. bankelele

Top Best social networking websites and blogs in Kenya

It is unfortunate that we could not find best local social networking blogs in Kenya. All the named blogs below are international.

67. Facebook

68. Twitter

69. Whatsapp

70. LinkedIn

71. Google plus-Mostly used by  bloggers in Kenya

72. Tagged

73. Skype

74. Instragram

75. Pinterest

Top Best political websites in Kenya

76. Kenyatoday

77. Jacklenews (deactivated)

78. Shitemi

79. Blog.jaluo


81. Northriftpolitics

82. hivisasa

Top Best travel websites and blogs in Kenya

83. Magical kenya

84. Kenyatalii

85. northrifttourism

Top Best fashion and art websites and blogs in Kenya

86. silvianjoki

87. Luciamusau

88. Dressupnation

89. Thisisess

90. Kenyaweddings

91. Muthuamatheka

Top Best job websites and blogs in Kenya

92. Brighter Monday

93. Careerpoint kenya

94. Bestjobskenya

Top best sports blogs in Kenya


96. sportpesanews

97. Michezoafrika

Top Best agriculture websites in Kenya

98. Emmeikieo blog

99. Mfarm

100. M-kilimo-This website is sponsored by the rockfeller family

Others top blogs

Best betting websites in Kenya







Hope you have enjoyed going through the list. We may not be 100 percent correct but we consider our ranking as the best because it has been done manually unlike others which are done using website tracking software. We decided to come up with this list to serve as an inspiration and reference point to bloggers.

The list of best blogs in Kenya is subject to criticism in the comment section below.

If you need to visit any of the above blogs just copy and paste on Google search.

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