“Dear wonderful creations of God, “THIS CANCER IS KILLING ME!” It has not affected any other organ, but the doctor says my left kidney must be removed, lest I quit the race.
As I pen this down I’m wreathing in pain. I cannot have a peaceful sleep, I cannot comfortably sit, I cannot smile, I cannot… I am left to see my days get depleted.

Just like my colleagues, I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Education from Maseno University in 2012. But, why me? Why this monster? Why can’t I give back to the society like my fellow energetic youths!


My life is at stake, I’m seeing a dead end. Not that I am any different friends, this shameless witch knocks anywhere, everywhere and when least expected.


The Bible reminds me that I must not lose hope. That coin in your pocket is my only hope. That 50 bob in your M-PESA account is my strongest pillar. It is part of the Ksh 2.5 million that could see me get LIFE in India. India is the destination rather than the grave, I believe.

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I only have God, doctors and you my friends as shreds of my solution. I REFUSE TO PERISH AT YOUR WATCH! Stand with me, my fellow teachers and everyone, here is where you come in….”


Pay bill number – 868651- account number- individual phone number
Or her personal number 0712743225

Co-operative bank account- 0118017210000


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