Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) is a financial service company whose headquarters are in Nairobi, Kenya. KCB group has subsidiaries in countries like Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

KCB bank logo
KCB bank logo/Photo



Summary of Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)


  • Company name: Location: Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)
  • Location:Upper Hill, Nairobi; Kenya
  • Business sector: Banking/financial service
  • Revenue: Ksh 19.7 Billion as per financial year ending December 2016
  • CEO: Joshua Oigara
  • Competitors: equity bank, cooperative bank, family bank, standard chartered, Barclays.
  • Official website of KCB:
  • KCB official Facebook page:
  • KCB official twitter handle: @Kcbgroup
  • KCB official contacts: Email: (,  Tel: +254 (711) 087000 or Tel: +254 (732) 187000 or Tel: +254 (20) 3270000 or Sms: 22522
  • Common company tags: KCB M-PESA, KCB insurance, KCB Mtaani, online/Internet banking, Simba savings, Jiinue account, Bankika na KCB, Biashara club

SWOT analysis of Kenya Commercial Bank

The following is the SWOT analysis of Kenya Commercial Bank


  • Experienced workforce
  • Accomplished business units
  • Low labor costs
  • Strong distribution and sales networks


  • Competition in the market
  • Size of the market in future


  • Urbanization
  • Project funding
  • Steady growth in rates and profitability
  • A growing economy
  • Expanding demand
  • Steady increase in income levels


  • Changes in price and tax
  • Increasing competition
  • Decreasing profitability
  • Increasing labor costs
  • Financial capacity
  • Cyber crime
  • Economic slowdown

PESTLE analysis of Kenya Commercial Bank

SWOT and PESTLE analysis of Kenya Commercial Bank, KCB headquarters
SWOT and PESTLE analysis of Kenya Commercial Bank/Photo of KCB headquarters

The following is the PESTLE analysis of Kenya Commercial Bank


  • Political uncertainty in the country
  • Terrorism


  • Volatile Kenyan currency
  • Slow economic growth


  • Rapid urbanization


  • Modern solutions in areas like forex


  • Training employees in regulations
  • Strict regulatory environment


  • Environmental screening of transactions
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