SWOT and PESTEL Analysis of Nokia

SWOT and PESTEL Analysis of Nokia

In my earlier post I gave a detailed discussion of Nokia’s management, marketing, production, company profile and corporates social responsibility. In this paper i will discuss about the swot and pestel analysis of Nokia.

Swot analysis of Nokia


Nokia has the largest distribution of cell phones around the globe

Nokia’s phones are durable

It has remained the top world cell phone company

Nokia’s cell phones are innovative


High prices of its mobile phones compared to its competitors

Low presences of its phones in the US


Growth in demand of mobile phones

High demand of Nokia brand phones because of durability


Growth of Samsung mobile phone market

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Increase of cheap china made phones in the industry

Similarity of Nokia’s phones with china made phone

Pestel analysis of nokia


-government health regulations

-safety regulation from the government

Government relation with Nokia


Changes in exchange rates


Decrease of employees rendering people jobless


Culture of the society-fashion taste


Innovation- (internet, software, application and email access)


Copyright and trademark protection

Counterfeit protection


Ethical manufacturing

Protection of global warming

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