SWOT and PEST analysis of Exxon Mobil

Exxon is a gas and oil corporation with its headquarters in Texas, US. It was founded in 1999. By 2012 Exxon Mobil had 76,900 employees.

The following is the swot and pest analysis of Exxon Mobil.


Exxon Mobil has a leading market position

It has different revenue streams

It has a steady financial performance


Persistence Employee conflict

Weak upstream performance in the United States


Increased demand of its products from china

Rising demand of gas

High demand than the supply


Environment regulations  for instance ensuring that the end products do not pollute the environment

Emergence of alternative energy sources

Economic depression in the United States

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The following steps below can assist you in creating a successful swot analysis.

Creating a Successful Business Strategy Using the SWOT Analysis

  1. Identify the business’ strengths and weaknesses. Take advantage of the strengths and maximize them. Find ways of remedying the weaknesses to turn them into strengths.
  2. Know the business’s target market; concentrate on precise geographical areas that contain the business’s probable customers.
  3. Create new networking predictions for the business.
  4. Identify the business’ competitors and know their weakness, then capitalize on these weaknesses to the company’s advantage.

Pest analysis will be posted shortly


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