Susan Kihika,  the Jubilee Candidate for Nakuru County  senatorial seat  and Nakuru County assembly speaker has been barred from contesting for Nakuru Senator by the Political Parties Tribunal . The Tribunal Ruled that she did not resign as Speaker as required in law

UPDATE (15th June 2017): HIGH COURT judge George Odunga has quashed Political Parties Disputes Tribunal decision to lock Susan Kihika out of Nakuru senatorial race.

Susan Kihika barred from contesting Nakuru County Senator seat by Political Parties Tribunal
Susan Kihika barred from contesting for Nakuru County Senator seat by Political Parties Tribunal in a ruling made by Kyalo Mbobu on 12th June 2017/Photo Source

Susan Kihika ticket cancellation case ruling

A ruling made by the the tribunal chair Kyalo Mbobu on 12th June 2017,  indicated that Susan Kihika is still the Speaker of the Nakuru County Assembly and was required to resign before contesting.

The petition was filed by Margaret Wanjiru Kiiru who is an independent candidate vying for Nakuru County senatorial


Lawyer Wahome Thuku’s Interpretation on Susan Kihika’s Disqualification Case

THE constitutional question that will come back again in the Susan Kimani case bin my opinion is, “at what time should one resign from state/public office to seek a parliamentary seat.

The High Court has already ruled that it should be after nominations. The constitution says one is disqualified from being ELECTED if you are a State officer. So has Susan been ” elected” yet?

But again same constitution says, in paraphrase, that if you are disqualified you are not eligible for election. Meaning you have to be qualified to become eligible for election.


About Susan Kihika

Susan Kihika, born in 1974, is the daughter of the late Nakuru veteran Politician Dickson Kihika Kimani.

Susan Kihika relocated to the USA in 1993  where she studied Political Science and Government Degree from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, USA.

She also did a Jurist Doctorate Law Degree from the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas,USA.


She returned to Kenya where she was elected as the speaker of thee Nakuru Coyunty Assemebly.

She resoundingly won the 2017  jubilee party nomination  for  the senatorial seat in Nakuru County.

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More information about Susan Kihika senatorial ticket cancellation will be updated


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