How to start a chicken business in Kenya: Poultry Farming

Raising Chicken: Poultry farming has become the next big thing in the Kenyan economy today. It is now considered as an alternative means of income to many people. For one to start this type of business, it is important to have the following facts with you.

How to start a chicken business in Kenya, poultry farming

How to start a chicken business in Kenya, poultry farming/Photo

Research on your market

Experts advise that one should do a thorough research on what type of poultry business he wants to venture in. This business is divided into two categories; eggs and meat. For each of this there are pros and cons of the business, that is in terms of expenses and also time. Therefor one should thoroughly consider these factors before starting.

Have a budget

After deciding on which category you want to deal with, you should come up with a budget on what you will need. For instance, you should choose between buying food for the chicken, that is, feed formula or making your own food. This depends on your resources In addition to this, the broiler chicken needs more tender loving care in terms of vaccination than the kienyeji one.

Time management

Chicken rearing requires patience. Therefor it is significant to note that different breeds of chicken mature differently. For example, the broilers will mature faster than the kienyeji chicken. Depending on the market demands, you should chose wisely on this.


This is the most important point to consider. This is because it is what will make your business worth venturing into. As earlier explained, the broiler chicken matures faster than the kienyeji. However, the kienyeji eggs are much more expensive than the broiler eggs. Therefor make sure you have this in mind before starting your business.

With this pointer you are ready to start handling your millions under this business.

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