The amount of jobs available are currently not enough for the number of graduates flooding the market with various degrees, diplomas and certificates. Even if you are employed, there is no guarantee that you will have that job until your retire. This uncertainty has led to many young adults turning to self-employment as a means to make ends meet, as opposed to waiting to get a job.



This is the introductory part of a series on article writing, by the end of which you will be able to start your own career in this field. If your English is great, and have a decent typing speed with access to a computer and internet, you should consider article writing. You will also need above average research skills. Article writing involves writing content around a particular keyword. So a client may offer you a job and tell you to write 2 articles about “dogs”. You can write on anything dog related such as How to wash your dog or 5 signs that your dog is sick. Research on content related to those titles, and write a fresh and unique article.


Avoid copy pasting content from the internet. One big mistake new writers make is look for content, copy it then paste it and try to pass it off as an original article. Clients have software called Copyscape which is used to identify any content that has been copied from the internet. Copy pasting will kill your article writing career before it even starts.


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In the next post we will look at where you can find article writing jobs.


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