SONU Chair Babu Owino wins Embakasi East ODM nominations-2017 Primaries

University of Nairobi Long serving student leader (SONU Chair) Babu Owino has won the Embakasi East  parliamentary ODM Nominations beating his closest competitor with a land slide.

Babu Owino wins embakasi east odm nomination winner and sonu chair

University of Nairobi student leader (SONU chair) Babu Owino wins Embakasi East ODM Nominations/Photo


Babu Owino victory message “Thanks to all Kenyans who supported me and Embakasi east residents.WE HAVE WON.”

Provisional Results of Embakasi East ODM nominations April 2017

  • Babu Owino: 6093 votes (winner)
  • Bosire: 1028 votes
  • Omwenga: 555 votes
  • Bhutto: 892 votes
  • Francis Masinde: 1200 votes
  • Manyasi: 43 votes
  • Mosoti: 53 votes

Babu  Owino will now face the winner in the Jubilee Embakasi East Nominations in the August 2017 general elections.

History of Babu Owino Campus Leadership

Babu Owino is a long serving student leader at the University of Nairobi. He has also served as the leader Kenya University student Organization (KUSO)

You can also read  SONU 2016 election results: Babu Owino retains chair position

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