VIDEO REVIEW: Kenyan top Gospel musician Size 8 (reborn) has surprised fans with a release of 3 songs in one day in the wake of saba saba (7th July 2017). The songs are Mwambie, Bless and I can’t Imagine. The videos are attached below and can be downloaded from you tube.

Size 8 New three songs release Mwambie, Bless and I can't Imagine video
Size 8 Reborn New three songs release Mwambie, Bless and I can’t Imagine video/Photo by Size 8


What Kenyans are saying about Size 8 (reborn) new song release

Mwambie by Size 8 Reborn

The song attached below seems not to have a good reception. Most Kenyans are saying that it has too much rap in it. My honest view about the song is, pathetic work. You can do better size 8 than rap.

I Can’t Imagine by Size 8 Reborn
I love this song so much. The vocals are on top. Below are views of Kenyans about the song;

  • Shallz Baro: This is is is good but it will not hit because our Kenyans fans are the kinda people who demand for spiritual music but when you give them none bother to watch but sing this contemporary music they will be complaining but still watching and giving it a million views.
  • Mercy Jannes: I can’t also imagine great song size 8 I can’t imagine the lord has brought you this far na bado. lord draw me close to you
  • Margaret Wambui1: Wow this is awesome mum,’even i can’t imagine without God’s presence ‘…keep it up! thats a great job, serving almighty God.
  • Marcy Rommy6: This left me going like I can’t imagine. soooo sweet, calming, adventurous and just sweet to my ears.

I Can’t Imagine by Size 8 VIDEO

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Mwambie by Size 8 VIDEO

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