Short hair bob is an exquisite variations of the bob style in Kenya. It is a simple but elegant look most popular among young working class and older women who prefer stress-free hairstyles with a touch of class. The style is not only affordable but also easy to maintain with an ability to last for upto 6 months if maintained well.

Short hair bob in Kenya, How to style, best for and photo
Short hair bob in Kenya, How to style, best/Photo by @sorayahstyles



This type of bob variation can be achieved through hair trimming and shaving and can be only achieve excellent results with a specialized stylist. This is because with this style, there is a very thin line between perfection and total messiness. The hair can be styled accordingly depending on it’s size, thickness and angle. The style provides a variety of looks hence gives it’s wearers an ability to select best hairstyles depending on their preference and mood. From wild to calm, the list is endless.


The layered bob is aimed towards increasing or reducing the volume of your hair. This look is perfect for any occasion while giving one an option of colour. However those with voluminous hair do not really need to colour as it’s meant to help one achieve that full-head look.If one is planning to have this as a daily office look, then cool colours could do.On the other hand, the short inverted bob gived one that fun-messy chicy look, most suitable for outdoor occasions.


The sophisticated curly bob gives incredible finishings for both formal and less formal functions. This is one look that can be rocked to weddings and board meetings. The curls acts as the highlight and bring forth the facial features into perfection. It is also important to keep in mind that with all these styles there is also a bang option!

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