How to do a short course while studying for your degree

Short Courses in Kenya: As they say that education is the key to success, every student always wants to build their CV before they actually graduate. By doing this, the student gets to place himself on a higher scale in the job market in terms of qualification and experience.

How to do a short course while studying for your degree in kenya

How to do a short course while studying for your degree in Kenya/Photo

It is however significant to understand that it will be difficult to joggle two if not more courses at the same time. Below are a few points to consider when introducing a second course into your academic life:

Be psychologically and financially prepared

As discussed earlier, undertaking two courses at the same time is not an easy ride thus, one should be ready for this in terms of time and energy. You should also have your finances right before enrolling for the second course.

Choose a course that will complement your degree programme

By this, I mean that the short course you plan on doing should be a build up to your degree. , for instance if you are undertaking a Bachelor’s in Social Sciences, you can complement with a diploma in Project Management. To add to this, studying these two courses at the same time will not give you a hard time because they are closely related.


Consider the time schedules of both courses

Ensure that these two course are not clashing in terms of the classes and the time they are being offered. The second course should take much less time than the degree programme. You can sign in for evening classes if your degree programme takes most of your daytime. This will in turn give you peace of mind while studying.

Enroll in the same campus if both courses are offered there

This should in turn save you a lot of time in terms of traveling. Again you will always get to class early.

These few pointers should help any student comfortably build their CV before graduating.

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