This article responds to the frequently asked question  in our forum on “where can I sell my textbook online in person  for cash.” We will look into the best websites that allow you to upload your eBooks in person and earn some cash for the sells.

where to sell text books online in person, old, used Chegg
Where to sell text text books online in person for cash: old, used and new ebooks on Chegg



Making money from selling text books


Making money through selling ebooks or print text books is as easy as you never thought. You just have to go and buy a book at  any of the top eCommerce websites like or for instance at $100 and sell it in other online booking selling websites like, e.t.c  for  $150. If  you have your own ebook then that is more than good.

Below are a list of best websites where to sell your books online in person and earn cash

  • Chegg is the best and most reputable website to  sell  your old textbooks and earn some cash.
  • Kobo allows your to upload your book in word document and they will convert it to an ebook ready for sell.
  • has been around for more than 9 years. It sells new and used books
  • is one of the best online source of ebooks. You can buy and sell your academic or professional ebook.
  • is the second most trusted website to sell your ebooks. All you have to do is upload your ebook and leave the rest to Lulu.
  • Payhip-Payhip .com offers you a chance to upload and sell your ebook and get paid via paypal
  • is the largest ecommerce website in Kenya. I don’t need to write much about it.
  • allows you to upload your ebook for sell and it will be published in major online textbook stores like Apple, iBookstore, and Barnes.
  • We Buy  offers you the quickest way of selling your unwanted books
  • is the best place to sell your ebooks if you are a student
  • is one of the best site for selling academic related ebooks
  • is the 3rd largest ecommerce website in the world. I have had place it in the last position despite its popularity  because it is not know by many for selling books.

 Be aware of counterfeits!

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Do not miss our updates on why best text book selling websites requires your to  input ISBNs and where to get it from

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