Salsa braids are among the most loved and worn sophisticated type of braids truly embraced by both young and older Kenyan women across all social circles. They have been trending in the country for quite a while now and it doesn’t seem like they will get out of fashion anytime soon. This could be attributed to their unique beauty as well as affordability. The braids can be readily purchased from all darling Kenya outlets as well as beauty shops country wide.

Salsa braids in Kenya, How to style, price and best for
Salsa braids in Kenya, How to style, price and best for/Photo by Darling


When styling the braids, one has to carefully consider the occasion at hand as well as the facial shape of the wearer. If well calculated, an exquisite look can be achieved of course with the services of an excellent stylist. As such, one is advised to select blending colors with their skin as well as hair in order to acquire that much anticipated outstanding look.


The braids can be held into a simple ponytail to expose those unique facial features and appropriately accord that neat and exciting office look. The braids can also be left to fall freely to the shoulders to give that outdoor adventurous look fit for sunny beach or all night partying. One can also hild them partially to achieve the edgy girly look without appearing as assertive.


After all it’s all about style and feeling awesome both on the inside and outside. So whichever style one settles for, the  main aim should be comfortability, affordability and durability. All these three combined, is like winning a beauty contest without sweating it out! Give it that long lasting shine and you will be good to go!

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