Safaricom’s Lipa na Mpesa Smart Card: Debit and Visa Card for students, companies,…

Safaricom’s Lipa Mpesa is a mobile service that allows  for payment of services and goods from your phone.  Safaricoms has now launched the Lipa na Mpesa Smart Cards  more like Debit and Visa Cards.

Safaricom Lipa na mpesa card, debit visa payment card

Safaricom Lipa na mpesa payment, debit. The cards are now available for students in different universities/Photo

NOTE: We have a comprehensive update for the Mpesa Card in this page.

About Lipa na Mpesa Smart Card: Debit and Visa Card

Lipa na Mpesa cards allows one to pay for goods and service through a card that is more like a visa card. What you just have to do is swipe the payment card in any business center like supermarket and your pay will be deducted from your mpesa. The Lipa na M-Pesa payment card uses pin and chip technology for security purposes.

UPDATE: We have a comprehensive update for the Mpesa Card in this page.

Where to get Lipa na Mpesa Cards
As at 28th February 2017, Safaricom had not made it clear where one can register, get or collect  the Lipa na mpesa payment cards but they have already distributed over  16,000  of them to universities and colleges. Some of those universities include; United States International University Africa (USIU), Kenyatta University, Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA), and Mt Kenya University (MKU).
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