Safaricom Fixed Data Plan Roll Out, to compete fiber home suppliers

Safaricom Fixed Data: Safaricom’s internet charges have not been fair to high data consumers. It has now moved to introduce fixed data plans to rival fiber suppliers like Zuku.

Safaricom fixed data bob collymore

Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore spoke on Fixed Data Plans/Photo


While speaking on KTN News, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore indicated that the compamy is planning to invest in fixed data plans to accommodate the higher number of users relying of streaming services like Netflix, showmax e.t.c.


Bob Collymore indicated that he is aware that the charges of Limited Data plans which may not go well with those who love streaming movies and downloading video clips. Therefore, the company will be setting aside funds for such investment in the near future.


If Safaricom’s fixed data plan comes to reality then it might pose a great challenge to Zuku’s wananchi and Faiba. Most Cyber Cafes in Kenya depend on fixed internet services provided by Wananchi Group. The charges are however still¬† too high for Family and personal and internet use.


A list of other fixed data/Internet providers include;

  1. Liquid Telcom (KDN)
  2. Access kenya
  3. Orange Kenya
  4. Airtel Kenya
  5.  African Regional Centre for Computing
  6. Alphanet Communications Ltd
  7. Altech Swift Global
  8. Arkard It Solution
  9. Bandwidth and Cloud Services
  10. Chase Communications and Internet Services
  11. Cybernatics Communications Ltd
  12. Fibre Link Ltd
  13. Iway Africa
  14. Jamii Telecommunications Ltd
  15. Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC)
  16. MTN Business Kenya Ltd
  17. Nairobi Web Space
  18. Quicknet Ltd
  19. Skyweb Technologies Ltd
  20. Telkom Kenya
  21. Wamuko Enterprises
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