How to run a successful business with your spouse

Family Business: It is commonly said that business should not be mixed with pleasure.Infact,most people prefer keeping family members away from their businesses.Therefore what happens if one finds themselves in a position where they have to run a business with their spouse? How can they maintain professionalism at the work place? Here is how;

How to run a successful business with your spouse

How to run a successful business with your spouse/Photo


Keep personal matters private


Distinguish between work place and home. At work you are the management while at home you are husband and wife. Don’t mix things, your employees shouldn’t have to know of that misunderstanding you had at home.Nor do they deserve to be treated with overly love shows.

Define your roles

Let each one of you know exactly what is expected of the other.This way you will not overrule each other before employees.And employees will know who to consult concerning given issues. It shouldn’t matter who takes the C. E. O title,at the end of the day, what should matter is productivity of your business. And you need each other to achieve this.

Make decisions together

Find time to discuss issues affecting the company at the end of each day. Consult one another on every major issue. This should include but not limited to; Saving/investment,employee hiring/salaries/wages,business expansion and loans/debts.This will ensure that you agree upon each decision you make, hence avoiding the blame game later on when things go wrong. If one of you feels sidelined, it could turn toxic not only to you, but also to the whole organization. Let your employees see you working together peacefully ,that way, it will be easier for them to emulate.

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