Guide on Revising for KCSE Mathematics Examination and sample revision past papers: Are you a candidate who is about to sit for their KCSE exam and still having trouble with mathematics? Mathematics is a demanding subject, it not only requires all your attention but also a lot of effort for one to pass. Here are 8 simple revision tips that will help you ace your KCSE math exam.

How to Revise for KCSE Mathematics Examination and sample revision papers
How to Revise for KCSE Mathematics Examination and sample revision papers


Begin early revision


Don’t wait to begin revising days to exam. Revision should start months before the exam

Find a perfect place to revise

Avoid places or situations that can make you lose your concentration and get distracted. Revise in a quiet and peaceful environment and avoid Noisy places or friends who distract you when revising

Study in groups.

People have different levels of understanding. Revising for mathematics as a group will enable you and the members of the group benefit mutually from each other. Whenever all the group members can’t solve a problem, always consult your teacher. The group should however be small and manageable.

Don’t memorize concepts

Unlike other subjects, mathematics demands complete understanding of its concepts. Don’t just memorize formulas for example but instead, try to understand how the formula is derived

Use mathematics revision books

The contents in a revision books have been specifically made for revision purposes so make use of them. Revision books are important as they help you to review all that you have been taught. Other materials that you can also use to revise include your class book, assignments and past papers.

Take a break when revising

It is advisable to take a break after at least every hour of revision.

Avoid procrastination

Many students have the habit of procrastinating. If you want to pass you mathematics exam always stick to your timetable and avoid postponing revision


The key to passing mathematics is practice. Do lots of practice and consult with your teachers and peers whenever you have problems. The only way you can learn mathematic is by doing mathematics.

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Latest KCSE Mathematics Examination sample revision papers will be shared here. Check back later.


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