The pressure  that  always  comes with passing final exams in any learning institution can turn out to be stressful especially  when one has so much on their  “to do” list. When revising for KCSE, all subjects  matter for they can directly  affect  one’s  grading. Therefore  if one is taking  Agriculture, there is no other option  but to revise  for it, just  as they  would  do any subject. However, there  are a few tips on how you could  make your revision  even better;


Take  practical seriously


Agriculture  is a practical  subject  hence apart from the theory  part, one should  be well prepared  for the practicals. When selecting what  to specialize on, choose something  that you can easily  pull through. Something  that  can guarantee  you good marks. This is not a time to copy  your friends  blindly. Remember  whatever  choice you make, will heavily  contribute  to your  final grade.


Choose  your study  mates carefully

Don’t  just join  a group  for the sake of it. Get to analyze  the members  and get to know whether  their  goals are the same as yours. Some people  just form groups as a norm not really because  they need to study. Focus on surrounding  yourself  with positive  people  and eventually  you will realize  there is so much you can learn  from one another.


Make good use of revision materials.

Make sure you invest in several revision books right from first term. That way you will have plenty if time to go through them and possibly do a repeat. You can also do an exchange with fellow  students. Make a few friends  in lower classes that will help you with their  revision  materials  as well  as past papers.


You can also read  Download KCSE examination time table and Instructions by KNEC, 2015

Sample papers will be updated later

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