How to revise for K. C. S. E Biology examination and sample revision papers

Revising for your K. C. S. E Biology examination and sample latest revision papers: Passing K. C. S. E is every student’s  heart’s  desire. After four years of vigorous study, one gets the chance to proof themselves, through outstanding  performance  in their exams. As such, having a weakness  in one if the subjects  is a terrorizing  thought  to every serious  student. What then if you really  need to excel in your Biology subject  but don’t  know how? Here is a revision guide that could help you pass your K.C.S E Biology paper.

How to revise for K. C. S. E Biology examination and sample revision papers

How to revise for K. C. S. E Biology examination and sample revision papers/Photo



Discipline  yourself.

Come up with a study schedule  and follow it to the latter. Pay more attention  to areas of your weakness and allocate as much needed time as possible  until  you start getting comfortable.


Join a revision discussion group

Nothing  motivates more than being  surrounded  by people  with the same passion and ambitions  as you. It not only helps you to bring the best out of you but also helps you sharpen  your know-how  with others’ contribution. Group  discussions also make it easier  for you to understand  difficult  topics. So do join one and set your Biology  grade a notch higher.


Make use of the Biology  Laboratory

Make use of the Biology lab at school and get comfortable  around the experiment  equipment as well as the common terms.  A pass in your Biology  practical  exam will definitely be a boost to your total grade. Your teacher  will be glad to be of help, so  make good use of them.


Study well

Biology  is not one of those  “guess” subjects and for you to pass, you really need to know your way around  it. No shortcuts. So roll up your sleeves and get to study mode. Read until you get it. It is all worth  it. All the best!


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Biology examination latest sample revision papers will be attached in this post later

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