Peer influence in University and college: University life is made up of lots of hyper activities some of which involve alot of partying. From birthday parties to political celebrations, one is at one point bound to find themselves at one of those. A sad reality however is that, not everyone at those parties is interested in the celebrations, some of them are there to trap others using drugs. So how do you ensure your safety as you celebrate? Here is how;

Never leave your drink/food unattended

Make sure you finish your drink/food before heading to the dance floor or even visiting the washrooms. It doesn’t matter how much you trust the people at your table. Someone there might be faking it and you never know what they have in mind. Remember not all who call you friend can be trusted. Order a new drink whenever you get back and if you are using a glass, rinse it off before getting a refill.

Do not accept food/drinks from strangers

You know those people who are quick to say you can have mine or have this I get another one? Don’t be quick to be immensed into their generosity. Be aware of whom you accept things from. Be even more careful of those people who you haven’t been getting along with and are now acting all friendly.They might be plotting something fishy.

Drink alcohol in moderation

Remember alcohol can mess up your way of reasoning making you vulnerable to attacks. Drink in moderation such that you are much aware of whatever is going on around you. If someone tries to have you drink more than you can handle, say no and stand your ground.You don’t have to please everyone.Remember you are the one responsible for your life.

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