ODM and Opposition leader Raila Odinga hosted student leaders from different universities across the country for round table deliberations at his office  Capitol Hill.

Raila Odinga on a roundtable discussion with student leaaders
Raila Odinga in a round table discussion with student leaders on 2017 election matters/Photo



While meeting the student leaders Raila Odinga acknowledged the invaluable contribution of the student movement in the struggle for multipartyism and subsequently the struggle for a new reformist constitution.

The ODM leader encouraged students to maintain a conscientious approach to societal issues reiterating that they are the cream of Kenyan intelligence.


On August 2017 Elections


Raila Odinga challenged the students to mobilize their colleagues to vote in the forthcoming polls on the basis of issues and reject ethnic Balkanization.

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raila odinga meets university student leaders
ODM leader Raila Odinga meets university student leaders/Photo

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