You probably might have heard of the new “Get Rich online”  kid in town. The way public likes works is you upgrade to buy ads so you can make money by clicking on them. You might have seen people sharing its referrals links on your whatsapp groups. This article digs deep in what it is, why it is a scam (fraud), its illegitimacy and  whether actually members make money through it.




Public likes is a scam that claims to be a social media marketing company. They allow any person above the age of 18 to register and start making money by viewing advertisements. They claim to pay 0.1$ per like or $0.04 per referral view. They allow withdrawal of earnings every Friday. Payment methods include paypal, mpesa, bitcoin and Payza.

The company claims to operate in Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt, Zambia, United Kingdom,United States and Nigeria.

Public likes has FOUR levels of  membership. The Free account, Business Basic account, Business Premium and Business Gold. To join other levels of membership you have to pay some money. They claim that the more the money you pay for upgrading you account the more the money you will make. Check Photo Illustration below.

Public Likes Kenya membership levels. You have to pay for each upgrade
Public Likes Kenya membership levels. You have to pay for each upgrade/Photo

How Public Likes has Grown in Kenya

The company’s business model is to earn online from the comfort of your home. All that one has to do is to register and start viewing ads and make quick money.

You will notice that public likes is in more than four countries as they suggest. But it has more members in Kenya where it launched few months ago. Even in the US and UK with larger populations and more internet users than Kenya, there is not much interest in it than Kenya.  The reason behind this is that most Kenyans are so curious, desperate, naive and have still not understood what it means to make money online and therefore are vulnerable.

Public Likes is going viral in Kenya by ensuring that the first people are paid in a bid to lure in more. You might be among those who have earned from it and are spreading the Good Gospel. A strategy that is working well for them.

Are there members who have earned from

Yes, there are a number of people who have earned through viewing ads provided by Publiclike Kenya and are spreading the gospel. Below is evidence of earning shared by one of Kenyan registered member. Then, how is it  a scam if it pays?

Public Likes earning, payment evidence
Public Likes earning, payment evidence


Inside the Public likes scam room

What makes Public likes a scam room;

  • The company claims to have its offices (Headquarters) in US yet they have no contacts,no physical address or location. They just exist in hot hair. For a company that transacts millions of money online it must have a phyiscal location.
  • No reputable company would pay for users to just click its adverts, it just makes no sense at all. Ads are not all about clicking and quitting, but conversions.
  • Passwords Disappear: They unnecessarily  disable members username and password. This means your hard earned money and upgrade fees will disappear and you will have nowhere to take your complaint but go ranting on Facebook. Visit their Facebook page “Public Likes”  and have a look at the  members complaints of passwords not working. Don’t be fooled to think that something went wrong. No, they do it intentionally. And by the way in their terms and conditions they have clarified that they can disable members account any time, read this, ” PublicLikes has the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or cancel, at any time and for any or no reason, a Member’s membership in and access to the PublicLikes Website and the PublicLikes advertising program. All Earnings may be cancelled in PublicLikes’s sole discretion...”  Take note of “for any or no reason,” why should they disable your account for no reason?
  • The owner of public likes has been reported to run other illegitimate schemes that collect members’ personal info including bank details and sell to credit scammers. So, be aware that as much as you might be making some few coins you are putting yourself at risk.
  • Another reason to be worried is that Facebook has already blocked sharing of the company’s link. You can’t share clickable Public likes links  on Facebook. Just try posting this link on any Facebook comment and you will get the results shown below
why public likes is a scam
why public likes is a scam/Screenshot Photo

Or try visiting their  website from their Facebook page and you will get the message below

why public likes Kenya has been blocked
why public likes Kenya has been blocked/ Schreenshot Photo



My last thoughts

Whenever you see friends sharing some money making thing and you have some doubts about it and the only evidence that they have is by telling you that “it is real” and nonsense statement that ” i know of a friend who received payment therefor it is not a scam” then be worried. Public Likes is a high level smart scam that is riding on the ignorance of some jobless Kenyans and those who have no knowledge of the dangers of losing personal data for ksh.4,000. Some people may have made money from it but trust me, i have been around the internet for a while, public likes is a scam that will explode on your face. If it doesn’t, it will explode on the face of that family member or friend that you have referred and you will bear the blame.

Some people will receive payment, but once the amount of members joining the scheme slows down it collapses and many lose their money. Therefore, i will not recommended anyone to join public likes unless you just want to try it for fun. But make sure you do not upgrade.

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PS. Genuine ways of making money online in Kenya include; content writing, transcribing, tutoring, affiliate marketing e.t.c

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