Ponytail braids are one of the varieties of classic braids in Kenya. They are relatively cheaper and can be worn with anything. The fact that they can be easily purchased at both retail and wholesale outlets country wide makes them an excellent option to the middle class earners who want to achieve that gorgeously fabulous look. Given that they do not require alot of time to braid and style, they can come in handy to those with a tight and ever busy schedule.

Ponytail braids in Kenya,How to style, best for, price and where to buy
Ponytail braids in Kenya,How to style, best for, price and where to buy/Photo



The braids can be used by both adults and children since they are super soft and light as well. One can hardly feel their weight. For children, one braid can be enough to give them that incredible princess look. You can either style them into a Pussycat hold or simply stick to a half-hold half loosen style which allows some of the braids to freely fall to the sides.


For adults two braids can be enough but then one can use as much braids as they want. Since the braids are already curly there will be no need to use hot water. They can be held to the middle of the head to give one a befitting office look or they could also be left freestyle to fall wildly on the shoulders for that exquisite party look. Another daunting option is to braid them together into pretty line finishings. This will definitely give one that fascinating look for both formal and informal functions such as an evening cocktails, weddings or normal daily business engagements.

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