Photos: Inside Two Rivers Mall-Largest Mall in Nairobi Kenya, Africa

Stunning Photos of Two Rivers Mall: This is the largest mall in Nairobi Kenya and East Africa at  large.  The mall which is located 10 Kilometers from Nairobi CBD offers Retail, Entertainment and Lifestyle facilities, modern parks, residential apartments, restaurants, hotels, public amenities e.t.c Below you will find photo of two rivers mall and all the services that it offers.


Services Offered at Two Rivers Mall, Nairobi Kenya


  1.  Animal and Floral services
  2. Arts, Craft and Culture
  3. Books and  Stationery  (BookCenter)
  4. Curios and Gifts
  5. Fresh Foods, Dry foods and supermarkets
  6. Electronics Shops
  7. Fashion shops
  8. Hair and Beauty Shops
  9. Hypermarket
  10. Sports Grounds

Entertainments/cinema and Games rooms

Two Rivers Cinema
Two Rivers mall has  large screens with an offer on VOX Max, VOX Gold, VOX 3D and VOX 4DX.
Accomodation: Get to enjoy five star accomodation at Two rivers mall

Banks at Two Rivers Mall

  • Prime Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Sidian Bank
  • KCB Bank
  • CBA
  • CO-Operative bank
  • Barclays Bank

Apartments at Two Rivers Mall

  1. Storage area
  2. Domestic staff quarters
  3. Washer/drier in the units
  4. Landscaped environment
  5. Reliable, potable water supply
  6. Reliable power source and backup generators

Images/Photo of Two Rivers Mall

  1. Two Rivers Mall Accommodation
tworivers mall accomodations

Two Rivers Mall Accommodation/Photo

2. Two Rivers Mall Aqua Center

tworivers mall aqua center

Two Rivers Mall Aqua Center/photo

3. Two Rivers Mall Games and Cinema center

tworivers mall games corner

Two Rivers Mall Games and Cinema center/Photo

4. Two Rivers Mall Inside look

Tworivers mall inside look

Two Rivers Mall Inside look/Photo

5. Two Rivers Mall LC Waikiki

two rivers apartments

Two Rivers Mall LC Waikiki shop/Photo

6. Two Rivers Mall Indoor Look Image

Two rivers mall indoor look

Two rivers mall indoor look/Photo

7. Two Rivers Mall Entrance Image

two rivers mall entrance

Two rivers mall entrance/Photo

8. Tworivers mall shinning light

two rivers mall games

Tworivers mall shinning lights/Photo

9. Two Rivers Mall Fountain

two rivers mall outdoor look

Two Rivers Mall Fountain/Photo

10. Two Rivers Mall Restaurant

two rivers mall restaurant

Two Rivers Mall Restaurant/Photo

11. Two Rivers Mall Platform Fashion shop

tworivers mall platform fashion shop

Two Rivers mall Platform fashion shop


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More Images and updates about Two Rivers Mall will be posted in our next article after launch. Do not also miss to visit our  careers page for jobs at two rivers mall.

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