Pencil Mambo braids are beautiful variations of braids much similar to twist braids. They are widely embraced among both young and middle aged working class women in Kenya, both in the informal and formal sector. The braids can be purchased from both local online and retail beauty stores country wide and come in different colors and lengths. Hence giving their wearers various options to select from. Who wouldn’t like awesomely beautiful styles for occasions?

Pencil Mambo braids in Kenya, How to style, price, where to buy and best for
Pencil Mambo braids in Kenya, How to style, price, where to buy and best for/Photo by Darling


The braids can be crotched into the hair or fixed to natural hair to give that breathtaking look for both day and evening wear and can be accessorized with beads for that girly style. Contrary to many stereotypes, the braids are leather light on head and easy to style on your own. However, inorder to get an incredible and long lasting head service, a specialized stylist comes in handy.


Whether long or short, brown or black in colour, Pencil Mambo braids are a must try for lovers of trendy and edgy hairstyles. For that neat and organized office look, one can style the braids backwards or simply hold them to one side while for those fire lite outdoor parties, they can be left to beautifully rest on the shoulders displaying their full beauty and awesome twist-outs.


In short, these are the types of braids one can alternate all year long and still look beautiful without having to exhaust the available styles. So if you have been searching for something affordable yet elegant, this is definitely for you! It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and try something new!

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