With universities offering compulsory units to all students across the board,one of them being a mathematical unit, you might not be able to escape that numerical one even in your Arts course.You have no choice but to take it, and if maths has never been your favorite subject,then that semester may turn out to be one of your worst if you don't handle it well. Don’t let that drag you down, you can still pass and here is how.

How to pass that compulsory mathematical unit you so dislike in your Arts course
How to pass that compulsory mathematical unit you so dislike in your Arts course/Photo


Get rid of that negative attitude

The fact that you are in university means that you are mature enough to reason objectively. That means even leaving that high school mentality that "Maths is hard " behind. Get into that lecture hall with an open mind. You don’t have to like the lecturer,but you don’t have to hate them either. It’s never that serious.

Join a study group

It is popularly said that ‘one finger is better than one’. Well two or more heads can only be better. Join other students and form a group where you will be helping each other out. That way you will be able to learn from those who are better than you. However you should be able to show some effort, others will expect you to reciprocate.Do not be mean with knowledge. Share what you know and you will never run short of help.


I know you must have heard of the phrase ‘practice makes perfect’. Well, it’s now time to put that into practice. Don’t just be satisfied with whatever you discuss in the group,but rather go an extra mile by trying it out on your own.You will be surprised how formulas stick to your mind. Cram if you must, it’s for one demister after all.And at the end of it, everything will be worth it.

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