A guide to Achieving Excellence: In every learning institution, teachers seek to develop innovative strategies to assist students in meeting their academic goals and overcome common study challenges. Below are some ways on how to overcome those barriers;

How to overcome academic barriers, A guide to Achieving Excellence
How to overcome academic barriers, A guide to Achieving Excellence/Photo



  • Developing good study skills: in order to understand more and retain all that they have learnt, students need to have good study skills. Some of the good study skills include always taking short notes when reading.
  • Avoid stress: Stress reduces a learner’s attention and retention span
  • Study Environment: Students should study in a conducive environment. That is why schools should not be build near noisy places like bars, clubs e.t.c
  • Good health: Students should always be in a good state of body and mind when studying.
  • Communication: Teachers should always improve their communication skills. Tutors with low voice should use sound enhances to ensure that their message is passed across. Communication also includes using graphics while teaching to enhance concentration
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