Online jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa-students part time earnings

Making money online in Kenya is no more a matter of doubt. The biggest challenge is how to get paid via mpesa. Most online jobs pay through paypal, skrill and bank transactions. In this post i will share about online jobs that pay through mpesa in Kenya, good for students looking for part time jobs.

making money online in kenya mpesa

Making online in Kenya and getting paid through mpesa /photo


How to make money online in Kenya and get paid through mpesa


  • Research Writing


This basically involves doing research for someone and getting paid via mpesa. Payment is normally done twice a month but it depends on who you are working for. The biggest question is where do i get these research jobs? There are a number of people who are looking for research writers online. You may be interested to check a Facebook group called “Academia Research Writers”  where you will get clients offering such jobs. If you need training on how get started with research writing kindly visit a Facebook group called ” Awesome Transcribers in Kenya“. They have pinned trainers who might help you.


  • Blogging


This is one of the second most easiest ways of making money online in Kenya and getting paid via mpesa. All you need is start your self hosted website. We have provided a guide here  on how start your own website/blog. We have also provided a guide on how to make money from your website in Kenya in the same link.

  • Online Marketing

I do also refer online marketing as online hawking. All you need is to search for online marketing jobs in Kenya. There are plenty of them. This basically involves sharing about a particular product and  you get paid a commission out of your sales. You can also visit Jumia.coke/affilaite and register as an affiliate marketer. Begin promoting their products and you will be paid a commission out of any sell that emerges from you shared link.

  • Ebook  Selling

You can write an ebook on any topic that excites you and sell it on Muthurwa Marketplace (This is an online platforms for selling of digital products).



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