Niko Educatable is a fundraising campaign that aims to rally Kenyans and their friends towards ensuring that every Child with a disability gets an equal opportunity of being educated. Niko Educatable campaign is run by Action Network for the disabled (ANDY) in partnership with other organizations.

Niko Education, Launch by Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY)
Niko Educatable, Launch by Action Network for the Disabled (ANDY)/Photo Source



About Action Network for the disabled (ANDY)
ANDY  is a National Disabled Persons Organization (DPO) working to bring about positive change to persons with disabilities.
How to Donate or Partner with ANYD-Niko Educatable

To donate via mpesa paybill use;

  • Paybill number: 891300
  • Account Number: Educate


  • Phone contacts: +254 (0)20 232 4589/ 715 613 602
  • E-mail contact:
  • Official Website:

You can also read  Breakdown of Kenya's new 2-6-6-3 education curriculum framework: Subject Taught

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