The United Nations General Assembly was treated to a gutsy display from Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe. Mugabe called out US president Donald Trump on his recent threats to bomb North Korea over his tiff with Kim Jong Un.



A conspicuously frail Mugabe gingerly made his way to the podium, followed by an applause, perhaps from amazement that he was able to make the short trip unassisted. However, any fragility he may have shown was replaced by a gripping and eloquent delivery, not uncharacteristic of the 93-year old strongman.

Part of Mugabe’s poetic speech read:

Some of us were embarrassed if not frightened, by what appeared to be the return of the biblical giant gold Goliath [applause]. Are we having the return of a Goliath to our midst, who threatens the extinction of other countries? And may I say, to the United States President Mr. Trump, please blow your trumpet, blow your trumpet in a musical way towards the values of unity, peace, cooperation, togetherness dialogue, which we have always stood for and which are well-writ in our very sacred document, the Charter of the United Nations.

Watch the full speech below.

Despite the daringly chastising nature of Mugabe’s speech, it was kind of ironical given his record on human rights back at home. Mugabe is known to hold on to power with an authoritarian hand, squashing any attempt for dissent against his administration.

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Robert Mugabe, who has been the president of Zimbabwe for 37 years now, is also known for his hatred for imperialism. At some point in his administration he expelled white farmers and gifted their lands to native Zimbabweans.

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