The motion picture entertainment industry continues to be one of the most competitive, thanks a ready and insatiable market.

Best TV series that premiered in 2017
Best TV series that premiered in 2017


Having a movie get fair ratings often requires a gripping script and a team of very passionate and talented actors.


So what are the big hitters of 2017 when it comes to TV series? Read on to find out a few we’ve sampled.



The TV series is based on the life of a New York-based psychologist who starts to develop intimate relationships with her patients.

These illegal relationships profoundly affect her professional life and that of her patients.

Chicago Justice

Chicago Justice is court drama movie series related to the popular series Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago PD.

As the name suggests, it’s plot mostly revolves around the justice system where victims of various crimes seek redress.

Shots Fired

The plot of this TV series evocatively rests on the role of racial tension in the US police force after a black police officer kills an unarmed white man.

An inquest into the murder unearths an older case where a black teen was murdered and the case covered-up because it involved powerful individuals like the state governor.


Extinct is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi/drama TV series set 400 years after the human race was wiped off earth by aliens.

An alien faction keen on reviving the human race manages to bring back star characters Ezra, Abram and Feena.

The Aliens who revived the three use drones to guide and protect the them as they set out to fulfil the task of reviving the human race.

24 Legacy

This TV series is related to its predecessors ‘24’ and ’24: Live Another Day’ in the sense that events unfold in real-time.

The series follows Sgt. Eric Carter, a former soldier who has joined the CTU to foil a terrorist attack on US soil.

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An attempt on Carter’s life makes it obvious his identity has been compromised, making him suspicious of everyone around him.

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