Moi University Online Hostel Booking

By Elvis Nyakreal →  Updated May 8th, 2015
Moi University Online Hostel Booking

Moi University Online Hostel Booking  

Online booking of hostels in Moi university is a simple as you might not believe. Make simple errors like entering wromg format of username or hostel room may give you a hell of time. You can follow this link  “book rooms online “ to book a room online.

Online booking of rooms for the incoming group  will begin a day to reporting. Re-booking Of Same Rooms for Second Semester is also on-Going for continuing students.

All those registering to the online booking system are encouraged to use registration numbers (with underscores) to serve as their username for instance,  If your registration  number  is EDU_22_14 use the username edu_22_14.

You must pay accommodation fee that is equal to the kind of room you want  before booking hostels online.

The steps of online booking are entering;

Step 1

  1. Full name….
  2. Reg no (adm no)..
  3. Year of study…..
  4. Email…..
  5. ID no…..
  6. school…..
  7. Gender…..
  8. Phone no…..
  9. Amount paid…

Step 2

  1. Select Hostel that you want (make sure it is for your gender-female/male).
  2. Room label (this the rooms that you want). Make sure you have entered the correct hostel room selection  e.g Hostel K (K001), Hostel J (J001), Hostel C (C001)… If you enter the wrong format you will get an error message reading “You are not allowed to book that room because its for students
  3. wait for the website to validate and then click submit… are done

Link for booking room online is

  • Those transferring fees to accommodation for incoming session to visit   administration block room 34
  • Contact +254 (0)53 43620 for login and booking problems
  • Booking Deadline :
  • Payment Deadline :

Moi university Hostels and their  rates or charges

Hostel: ACACIA BLOCK A-2500 + 500
Hostel:ACACIA BLOCK B-Kshs.2500 + 500
Hostel:ACACIA BLOCK C-Kshs.2500 + 500
Hostel:ACACIA BLOCK D-Kshs.2500 + 500
Hostel:ACACIA BLOCK E-Kshs.2500 + 500
Hostel:ACHIEVERS B-Kshs.2000 + 500
Hostel:BARRACKS-Kshs.1500 + 500
Hostel:A-Kshs.2000 + 500
Hostel:B-Kshs.2000 + 500
Hostel:C- Kshs.2000 + 500
Hostel:D-Kshs.2000 + 500
Hostel:E-Kshs.2000 + 500
Hostel:F-Kshs.2000 + 500
Hostel:G-Kshs.2000 + 500
Hostel:H-Kshs.2750 + 500
Hostel:J-Kshs.2750 + 500
Hostel:K-Kshs.2750 + 500
Hostel:L-Kshs.2750 + 500
Hostel:M-Kshs.2750 + 500

Hostel:BLUE GATE B- Kshs.2000 + 500
Hostel:BLUE GATE C-Kshs.2000 + 500
Hostel:COMFORT-Kshs.2000 + 500
Hostel:FOREST VIEW-Kshs.2000 + 500
Hostel:KOMORA A-Kshs.3000 + 500
Hostel:KOMORA B-Kshs.3000 + 500
NGERIA HALL 1-ksh. 3500 + 500
NGERIA HALL 2 ksh. 3500 + 500
Hostel:NGERIA HALL 3- Kshs.3500 + 500
Hostel:NGERIA HALL 4-Kshs.3500 + 500
Hostel:NGERIA HALL 5-Kshs.3500 + 500
Hostel:NGERIA VIEW- Kshs.2000 + 500
Hostel:PEACOCK-Kshs.2000 + 500
Hostel:RIMA-Kshs.2000 + 500
Hostel:SOSIANI BLOCK A-Kshs.3000 + 500

All inquiries about online booking of rooms in Moi university should be directed to to +254 (0)53 43620 or visit admin Room 34.

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