President Uhuru Kenyatta has this afternoon ordered the National Transport and Safety Authority off roads.

President Uhuru NTSA will no longer be mandated with enforcement of traffic rules.
NTSA will no longer be mandated with enforcement of traffic rules.

This comes after a spike in road carnage despite the NTSA being given tools and authority to curb errant behaviour on roads.

In a twist, there has been  sustained public outcry over the body, with motorists accusing it’s officials for lacking integrity and causing accidents.

Case in point is an accident that took place along the notorious Salgaa stretch late last year.

Eye witnesses reported that a truck driver who was on a high speed chase with NTSA officials lost control of his vehicle and rammed onto incoming traffic, resulting in mass casualties.

NTSA was also on the spot over the night travel ban after the grisly accident which occur at Migaa area.

Most criticized the body for knee-jerk reaction which led to chaos and inconveniences at bus stops across the country.

NTSA officials have severally been accused of extortion along major highways.

Victims report that the officials tamper with the speed guns to give wrong readings, which they cite and use to extort bribes from unknowing victims.

In some cases NTSA officials have been captured on camera flouting the very rules they are supposed to enforce.

Kenya Police traffic officers have been ordered to take over the role of enforcing traffic rules.

NTSA will now be mandated with tasks such as vehicle inspection, issuance of licences among others.

However, Kenyans are sharply divided over the directive. While some are in support, others feel that the buck stops with errant drivers and rogue vehicle owners.

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Here are some reactions from Twitter users:

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