Below is a statement from the ministry of education regarding the regulation and compliance  of school fees in secondary schools in Kenya.

secondary school fees structure in kenya
Secondary school fees structure in Kenya/Photo



Kenyan Ministry of Education Statement
Allegations from some of our stakeholders have come to my attention to the effect that some Secondary Schools have not complied with the Gazette Notice I issued in March 10, 2015 prescribing the maximum allowable fees to charge parents whose students were attending their respective schools.

You are aware that in the gazette notice, I recommended that the maximum cost of day schooling was KES. 22,244 while that of boarding schools was at KES.66, 424 and KES.69, 810 for special needs secondary schools.

With the government capitation of KES.12, 870 for  regular schools and KES.32, 600 for special needs schools, the maximum payable fees by parents, should be KES 9,374 for, day schools KES.53, 553 for boarding schools and KES.37, 210 for special needs schools.

Schools were to spread these fees into the three school terms at the ratio of 50:30:20.

The government appreciates schools that have been levying fees below these ceilings and ,urged them to continue with that trend.

The allegations that have come to my notice that a number of schools whose school fees structure were way above KES.66, 424 have not aligned them to the established ceilings -While some of them who charged far less than the ceilings for boarding schools increased them without securing approval from me in accordance with the law.

A number of day secondary schools have similarly, reportedly not lowered their respective fees structures to accord with the maximum allowable fees of KES 9,374.

In the light of the above, you are required to ensure that no public secondary schools, without exception, under your jurisdiction, violate the recommended.

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