Mini-bob weaves are among the most trending bob styles in Kenya. They are not only fancy and girly but also a great complement for African hair. The weaves can be purchased from darling Kenya distributors across the country at pocket friendly prices and are greatly loved by both the young and the older working class women not only for their elegant touch but also for the neat everyday look they offer.

Mini-bob weaves in Kenya and styling
Mini-bob weaves in Kenya and styling/Photo Darling



The weaves offer different color options to select from hence suiting individual preferences. This also ensures that one doesn’t achieve a boring look even if they rotate through them all year long. As with any other bob style, one needs the services of a good stylist to beautifully pull this look. It is also important to know that one doesn’t necessarily need to have long hair inorder to wear these weaves. So long as your hair can be corn plaited, it would be good to go.


The mini bob weaves help in maintaining hair especially after massive hair loss to ensure they grow back hustle free by creating that much needed protective gear around the hairline. It is for this reason therefore that one should ensure that their stylists don’t place too much pressure on the hairv beneath during the weaving process. That said and done, inorder to maintain the look and give the weave that lasting freshy shine, it’s highly recommended for one to use sheen spray. Armed with all these and courage, one can step out of the door feeling fresh and beautiful each day with this simple but elegant look

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